Poyay Aindeh Instrument Sensing Company, with the brand name Poyak, has established a production line of electromagnetic flowmeters, mechanical meters, household smart meters, pressure transmitters and level transmitters with the aim of providing a part of the precision instruments needed by the country’s water industry. High quality in the production of products, competition with reputable foreign brands and relying on local knowledge are the most important goals of this company.

Research and Development

In the year 1400, the research and development unit was officially included in the organization chart of Poyak Industrial Group and started its work in an organized manner, the establishment of this unit has had a direct impact on innovation, productivity, quality improvement, raising the standard level, market share and There are also other factors that increase the competitive power of Poyak Group.
Objectives of this unit:
• Production of new knowledge in order to develop products and optimize processes
• Discover and understand market opportunities and needs and produce new products and improve quality
• Increasing competitiveness in domestic and foreign arenas and active presence in global markets
• Research to reduce production waste and find smart solutions to reduce production costs
• Improving self-reliance