Pooyac Group

“Sanjesh Abzar Pooya Ayande” (Dynamic Future Instrument Measurement) Industrial Group with Pooyac brand, with the aim of providing part of the precision instruments required by the country's water industry, established a precision instrument production line, including magnetic flow meters, pedal wheel, ultrasonic, level gauge, etc. Quality and production of products that can compete with reputable foreign brands based on the power of local knowledge are one of the most important programs of this company. All products of this company are tested and controlled in quality control laboratories in accordance with World Standards. In this regard, the company has succeeded in obtaining valid standards such as IMOL, ISO4064 and ISO17025 Pars Pooya Control Binalood Company (Private Joint Stock Company) has started its activities with the aim of providing technical and engineering services in the field of industrial automation and now with more than half a decade of successful experience in implementing various projects throughout Iran and relying on staff Expert and experience, is proud to innovate and transfer new technologies in this field. This company was established in 2001 by a group of graduates of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad and after seven years on 04/09/2008 under the name of Pars Pooya Control Binalood Company (Pooyac) with the registration number 3025 (Private Joint Stock) officially started its activities. This company has a patent certificate of intelligent management and remote control of agricultural wells (Motorban) with registration number 63833

Research and Development

The Pooyac research and development team specializes in solving the most difficult measurement problems. Our experienced engineers often develop products while working closely with the customers who need them, meeting market needs directly.

All Pooyac instruments are developed, manufactured and tested in our own laboratories, manufacturing plants and test facilities. The company hold patent on designs developed by our own engineers.