Knowledge-base “Sanjesh Abzar Pooya Ayande” (Dynamic Future Instrument Measurement) Company with national ID 14007348220 officially registered in 2017 moreover began its activity in the field of the instrumentation and intelligent control systems production. In 2020, according to the “Regulations for the evaluation of knowledge-based companies and institutions” regarding the production of smart Electromagnetic flowmeter, has been evaluated and accepted as a knowledge-based manufacturing company of type one (highest level), with this point that only 623 companies in the country have the rank of a knowledge-based production. The company also managed to obtain management approval for Iran water resources for the production of Pooyac smart electromagnetic meters with 11101/100/100 and WI intelligent meter assembly Pooyac has been registered with license number 1400/100/6103 “Sanjesh Abzar Pooya Ayande” Company, with the aim of providing part of the precision instruments required by the country’s water industry, has established a precision instrument production line, including Electromagnetic flow meters, pedals, ultrasonic, level gauges, etc. Quality and production of products that can compete with reputable foreign brands, relying on the power of local knowledge are one of the most important programs of this company. All products of The company are tested and controlled in quality control laboratories in accordance with World Standards. In this regard, the company has succeeded in obtaining valid standards such as IMOL, ISO 4064, ISO17025